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Hello, my name is Brian Fiore and I am an artist who specializes in space-themed art, aviation and abstracts. My main mediums are acrylics for painting and graphite pencils & charcoal for drawing.
Although I did take a couple of drawing classes in college, I left art behind while I served in the US Army and built a career and family. But then, 25 years later, I started sketching one day out of boredom... and it became an obsession.
Today, in the course of only a few years, I have had my work displayed at the Kennedy Space center, The Art of Planetary Science exhibit and Spacefest in Tucson, AZ. I am particularly proud of the fact that my work is included in the feature-length documentary "Searching For Skylab", and I am an Artist Member of the International Association of Astronomicl Artists (IAAA).
Artistically, my main influences are famed Titanic artist Ken Marschall, the planetary art of Ludek Pesek and spaceflight art of Robert McCall. My fondest dream is to one day be as well-known in the art world as they are.
When I'm not creating, one can find me at my "day" job as a Diesel Locomotive Engineer, or tending to my Facebook group "Skylab And Seventies Space Enthusiasts" (SASSE).
I have been married to my wonderful wife Eun Ju for 20+ years, and we have an amazingly intelligent daughter, Julie, who is a talented cosplay artist in her own right.
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